Here’s How to Play Never Have I Ever Game!

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Never Have I Ever Game!

Never Have I Ever Game is a funny game to know your closed ones or to learn more about people whom you already know. The game can be played in the two ways. The basic version of the Never I Have Ever game is suitable for all ages of people. And those who were found of drinking can turn up to the drinking game. Dear friends if you are opting to play the drinking game version, make sure you don’t drink too much and you don’t drive afterward. Here we are going to provide you with the way of playing both the version of the Never Have I Ever game.

Never Have I Ever Game

Ten Fingers – Basic Version of Never Have I Ever Game

The game is started with at least 5 players gathering in a circle. At least five people are usually needed to play the game with full fun. You should sit in a circle so you can see everyone’s hands. Each player of the game holds 10 fingers in front of them. Then the first player says “Never have I ever….”.for example, you can say something like “Never have I ever been to Los Angeles,” or “Never have I ever had imprisonment.” Anyone who at some point in their lives has done the action that the first player says must put one finger down if you’ve done what the first player said.

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Whereas, those players who had never does that particular action in their lifetime should keep all their fingers up. Likewise, move to the next player in the circle to continue the game. The next player comes up with a new thing and idea they have never done by him or her. Therefore it is known as Ten Finger game, as the players who have done that action shall put a finger down and the players that haven’t keep their fingers up. Winner of Never Have I Ever Game will be the last person with fingers remaining up

Drinking Game – Second Version of the Game

As stated earlier to start with this game at least 5 players are required. Since this version of the game involved play with drinking shots of alcohol, beer, wine or mixed drinks, all the players need to be of the age of puberty. This game can be played with as many players as you want. However, if the players are more than 10 then you can break the large group into multiple groups of fewer players. In order to make the game fairer, everyone should have the same amount of drink in their cups.

Never Have I Ever Game with Drinking Alcohol for Adults

Now, the first player announces “Never have I ever…” and then complete the sentence with something they’ve never done. You can add some spice to the game by asking dirty 18+ questions too. In the drinking version of the game, the things players say tend to be little more risky, because if you’ve done what the first player has said they haven’t, you have to take a sip or shots of your drink. You can set a time in order to make it fair so that all the players have to drink the same amount at the same time to say about 3 seconds. Similarly, the process moves on to the next player sitting exact left of the first player.

The next players say something they’ve never done, using the “Never have I ever…”. The players who have done that thing/task should drink and the one who has not done that thing should not drink. If only one or two players take a drink, usually the group will ask them for telling the story of the happening of that event. The game comes to an end when the only player is left with the alcohol in his/her cup. That player wins the game. You can repeat the game as many times as you like.

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Never Have I Ever Game Points

Same as another version of the game you can start the game by sitting or standing in a circle. You have ten points to start the game. Start the game by saying something that you have never done. For Eg. “Never have I ever served spoiled food to the guest and not told them.” If you have served spoiled food to the guest and not told them, then you lose a point. Then the next player says something they haven’t done “Never have I ever…” and so on. When you don’t have any more points you are out of Never Have I Ever game. Therefore it is also known as point game also.

Final Words

Never Have I Ever Game is suited for kids too. So, friends, we hope that you like our article and it will help you to play this fun making the game of knowing the strangers or knowing some unknown facts about the person whom you already know. Friends do remember one thing that no matter which version you are playing just make sure to keep things relatively light and fun. No one will be able to make fun when the questions are getting too dark or too embarrassing.

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